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A bit about my background in photography and other things.

Ross McLendon

Hi. I’m Ross. I’ve always enjoyed taking photos, but I got started seriously with photography back in 2016 when I bought a used DSLR at my local camera repair shop in Warwick so that I could get better photos of my kids. Long story short, I got a few decent images and caught the photogrpahy bug. As time went on, I discovered that like music (I’m an avid vocalist), photography sits at a nexus of things technical and artistic in a way that I really enjoy. I dove into learning and practice (as well as convincing my skeptical family that yes, I really did need that expensive lens) and to this day I rarely go out the door without my camera bag slung over my shoulder, constantly seeking opportunities to squeeze a bit of landscape photography into my schedule and capturing beautiful things here in New England as I come across them. I’m always learning, but I’ve developed enough experience and confidence to turn my hobby into a side-hustle (I have a full-time job during the week). Hence this website.

When I’m not out with a camera, I’m probably wearing one of a few other hats. I work at Dassault Systèmes where I’m part of a team developing an application to calibrate computational material models to match physical material behavior for use in engineering mechanics simulations (stuff like crashing virtual cars into a virtual wall). I’m also responsible for the FE-RVE Micromechanics Plugin for Abaqus/CAE there. You can read more about my engineering mechanics background on my Linkedn Profile. I’m also an active member at Grace Harbor Church in Providence where I recently completed a term as deacon of music, helping manage things like sound and - in the season of COVID-19 - video. I’m a bass in The Providence Singers. And my most important hats - I’m the father of four wonderful children and husband to an amazing, beautiful woman named Meredith.

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