Ross McLendon Photography


Fine Art Prints for your home

Contact me if you would like to purchase a print.


Here are many of my images which are available as prints.

Standard Print Sizes

These are images that are available cropped to standard sizes.

Panoramic Prints

Panoramas are a feast for the eyes containing incredible amounts of detail. Because of their non-standard dimensions, their available sizes and prices vary by image.

If there is an image from my Instagram or Facebook feed you’re intersted in and you don’t see here, let me know and most likely I can arrange to make a print of it.


My prints are each hand-signed and numbered in limited runs, and as such are exempt from sales tax in the state of Rhode Island. Shipping can be arranged at an additional cost.


Size Matted Framed Metal
5 × 7 $40 $60 -
8 × 10 $75 $100 $200
11 × 14 $125 $185 $300
16 × 20 $250 $350 $450
Panoramas Inquire Inquire Inquire

Paper Prints

Prints on paper come matted in a white mat to fit a frame the next standard size up (for instance, a matted 8” × 10” print would go in an 11” × 14” frame). The print size includes a 1/2 inch margin, so for example, the printed area of an 8” × 10” print is actually 7” × 9”. The print number, title, and the signature are included in the margin.

Framed Prints

A matted print mounted into a basic black gallery frame, ready to hang on your wall.

Metal Prints

Metal prints come at the listed size with the printed area extending all the way to the edge with rounded corners, are signed and numbered on the back, and include a hidden metal frame for hanging on the back such that they will sit about 3/4-1” away from the wall for a modern, minimalist aesthetic.